Could you use a helping hand with different district heating projects?

Could you use a helping hand with different district heating projects?

Today we help district heating companies through all stages of a project. We can also help you – either throughout the whole project phase or through a single phase:


Prepare for your project

We have qualified knowledge and experience with the start-up phase in different types of district heating projects. During the start-up phase, we help and advise you on obtaining the right and necessary analyses.

Examples of projects:

  • Renovation of pipelines, couplers, heating substations or similar
  • District heating expansion
  • Digitising the pipeline network

Calls for tender

Obtain a qualified and well-prepared tender dossier

We are 100% in control of the preparation of tender documents for renovation and construction projects, main and turnkey contracts. We have broad experience and have successfully implemented different types of calls for tender.

A good and well-prepared tender dossier can help you through the rest of the project, and we are happy to provide you with top-class tender documents.

Competitive tendering

Select the most qualified contractor

We can help you select the contractor for your project. As we have many years of experience in district heating projects, we have developed methods for selecting the most qualified contractors for different types of projects - this also applies to yours.


Get strong project management

We make sure that district heating projects are on track. We do this through supervision, management of building meetings, follow-up, financial management, quality assurance and much more.


Manage your operations

We help with operations after the project is completed. We do this through maintenance protocols, on-call service arrangements, supervision and much more.

Examples of projects:

Renovation of district heating pipelines at Spurvegaarden – a housing area in Hvidovre

In order for the district heating water to be transported over long distances without excessive heat loss, it is essential that the pipes are able to retain the heat.

Spurvegaarden’s own district heating pipes could no longer retain the heat and residents experienced, among other things, that snow was melting above the pipes in the outdoors common areas. This was the reason for renovating the pipes.

On behalf of one of the district heating companies in Hvidovre, we are now undertaking project “Remove heat loss”. The aim is to make the district heating system more efficient and give the residents of Spurvegaarden even more heat for their money. We do this by establishing efficient, top-insulated pipes and heating systems.


Establishment of new district heating pipes

Connecting new district heating pipes to existing heating systems in Spurvegaarden’s apartment blocks.

“I have obtained a partner who makes an extra effort to improve the efficiency of our district heat operation”.

Peter works at the property office at Bredalsparken, Hvidovre, and is responsible for the residents having hot water and heat in their radiators. In total, Bredalsparken has 12 heating substations from which heat is distributed.

After a lightning strike this summer, two of the central SCADA systems that control heat and hot water consumption were damaged. A quick solution was needed for a new SCADA system that both optimised the control and made the work processes more efficient for Peter and his colleagues.

“EBO Consult was involved in the project as they had experience in planning, SCADA technology and similar projects. They were, therefore, a good sparring partner who, together with us, identified which solutions were the best. This has given us a solution that fits our needs – no more or less,” says Peter.

With the new SRO system, Peter can obtain a quick and real-time overview of the delivery of heating and hot water consumption in the two substations, including via an app on his mobile. In addition, Peter says, “he has a sparring partner in EBO Consult who is really interested in whether the district-heat business in Bredalsparken is operating reliably and efficiently”.

In the past, when problems arose, Peter was on his own when looking for a solution. Now he has a partner outside Bredalsparken who can help him find a solution.

We can be involved from start to finish when district heating companies need to expand their district heating network.

In Hvidovre, we have been involved in implementing 4 successful expansion projects. All projects have been on budget.

In the district heating buildings, our role has been to:

  • Prepare project proposals.
  • Prepare calls for tenders and select the contractor based on experience-based qualifications.
  • Develop marketing campaigns to ensure adequate connectivity to the district heating network.
  • Supervise and ensure that the contractor has carried out the work correctly.
  • Maintain financial control to ensure that expansions of the district heating network do not exceed the budgets.
  • Arrange for the hand-over and subsequent supervision of the district heating customer’s installations.

Breaking ground

District heating pipelines

Measurement of the branch pipe for a new district heat end user

Store Hus (“Large house”) is an example of how a consumer-owned utility company, Avedøre District Heating A.M.B.A, and the tenants in a residential area can join forces to create a positive and sustained environmental change. Together, the parties managed to establish 60 solar panels on the roof of Solhuset with an area of about 750 m2, and 160 polycrystalline solar cell panels on the south facade of the house. The solar panels supply approximately 350 MWh per year, corresponding to the consumption of 75-100% of hot water during the period April-September to Solhuset’s 454 flats. Solar panels produce approximately 21,000 kWh of electricity per year. The idea of implementing the vision “from Store Hus to Solhuset” is the brainchild of the former Vice-chairman of Avedøre district heating company, Steen Jørgensen, in collaboration with the district heating company’s administrator, EBO Consult.

Solar panels on the roof of Store Hus

Establishment of solar cells on the facade of Store Hus

Completing the construction of solar cells on the facade of Store Hus

Free choice

We can also provide temps in Denmark


Contact us to hear more

We greatly appreciate having a dialogue with you so that we can adapt the tasks to your needs.

Our project manager, Jesper Tholstrup, is ready to answer your questions.

Contact us to hear more

We greatly appreciate having a dialogue with you so that we can adapt the tasks to your needs.

Our project manager, Jesper Tholstrup, is ready to answer your questions.