News from Avedre Green City:

Charging points sheltered by power-generating roof in Avedre Green City

A ground-breaking project in Avedre Green City is taking form. Being the first of its kind, a new sustainable and aestethic solution for sheltered charging points, is about to build.

The solarpower-sheltered charging points is a completely new way to think e-mobility and is a symbol of the engagement of the citizens in Avedre Green City. This is a very exciting milestone in the forthcoming projects of Avedre Green City says chairman Johannes Pleidrup after the board-meeting of the locally owned Energy Cooperative Avedre. The board unanimously decided to take on the job to realize the two times 22 kW charging points sheltered by a solarpower-producing canopy for a citizen-group from Avedre Green City.

The citizen group from Avedre Green City took initiative to apply for financial support to establish charging stations for electrical cars, since they have no charging stations in the area as it is.

They received funding from the Green Fund of Hvidovre Municipality in October 2020. Together with European Green Cities and Solar Lighting Enterprise ApS they have come up with a new solution: Two charging points, servicing two electrical cars each, are covered by a car port roof solution with solar panels on top. The shelter is designed to complement the surroundings and act as an ambassador for green living and mobility.

We are creating a unique, architectonic and sustainable construction covering four parking places, next to Hvidovre High School. On six steel legs and three wooden douglas beams, a photovoltaic roof of 11,88 kWp is suspended. says Martin Dietz CEO of Solar Lightning Entreprise who has taken on the job to envision, develop, build the solarpowered charging points in Avedre Green City and take the Charge Point Operator role.

The plant is hence delivering the first locally produced energy to the Energy Cooperation Avedre, improving the infrastructure for electric vehicle owners in the area and contributes to the reduction in CO2 emissions.

The facility is planned to be in operation the 31st of May. It has received additional funding from the parking tech company Easypark that helps drivers find, manage, park and charge their electrical vehicle. Easypark shares the vision of making cities more livable that goes hand-in-hand with the sustainable e-mobility visions of both the citizen group and the Energy Cooperative Avedre.