The Netherlands is a potential growing market for district heating. There is an urgent need for changing the existing heating source from natural gas into something different and greener. Today, district heating has a market share of only 5% in the Netherlands.

Therefore, the Dutch society is in a search for more knowledge about district heating. The Cooperatie Energie Samen has contacted EBO Consult, because they want to develop a support structure for citizen initiatives and cooperatives involved in district heating projects. EBO Consult has developed a support structure for district heating companies in Denmark. Therefore, we send an application to the Danish Energy Agency export pool, and we have gladly received the news that our project has passed and our application has been accepted.

The expected results from the project is to develop a support structure for district heating cooperatives in the Netherlands with EBO Consult know-how. We will also write a barrier and feasibility study that analyzes the differences and similarities between the Danish and Dutch district heating market. The aim is to identify the obstacles and potentials for exporting Danish district heating know-how to the Netherlands.

The project will kick off next year and continue to the end of 2022.